Looking for some Help

It's that time of year...

I have to get the Ribbon Boxes put together and then delivered to the 1st week's meets.

There are 6 of these and they need to get to: Cambridge (which I will take), Gothenburg, Southern Valley (Oxford), Stockton, St Francis (will work if we can get it to Benkelman or possibly Imperial) and Holyoke (which can just get to Imperial - maybe even Benkelman).

I am hoping that someone's holiday travels might bring them close to here (Arapaohe) and then close to one of the host teams. I likely won't have them completely put together until Sunday. Even if you are not directly coming thru here, I can meet up with someone.

I have, in the past, and will again, if needed, driven them where they need to go. Just hoping we can save me some miles.

Give me a call or text: 308-962-4148 or email: jeffreyd@atcjet.net

Thanks for reading and considering! 


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