League Post - Published: 5/21/2020 by Jeffrey Utterback

PtSL 2020 Swim Season is Officially Canceled.

Sadly the time has come to pull the plug on our 2020 season. With current Social Distancing standards and Nebraska Governor Ricketts' "recommendation" that no pools open until July 15th, we will not be able to effectively run any meets, if not practices. 

We encourage any swimming you can manage safely and under set guidelines. These will not, cannot be under a League function until we get an all clear, but you can individually do what you can manage. We are here for our swimmers, so please do what you can to keep them swimming!

Should things improve, we may look for ways to do something. There are already some great ideas out there. If distancing and gathering standards do not change, we would rather no one try to do anything that may go against those. But if you have ideas that can benefit some, if not all, please share! I would love to Post regularly here to help keep all involved. It would be great if we could post pictures or videos of what your team/swimmers are doing for this summer... even if not just swimming!

Please contact me with any questions or ideas thru any of the media we use: Email, text and/or call.

Sorry for the bad news.



League Post - Published: 5/7/2020 by Jeffrey Utterback

Thank you for your patience with news about the 2020 swim season. The delay continues because we absolutely don’t want to say we aren’t going forward this year in some capacity. What that looks like is still unknown. Towns are starting to make decisions about their pools but it is a slow process. In these uncharted times, we have no choice but to be flexible with the uncertainty. Right now our thoughts are that if your pool opens and allows it, practice. Get these kids in the water. They’ve earned it and need some normalcy. Most of our swimmers swim because it gives them as much as they give it or more. Practice may look different. All of it is different but when they are in the water, swimming is the same. Do all you can to give them that. And, If more than two teams figure it out and are practicing we will do our best to figure out how to compete.

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