League Post - Published: 7/15/2018 by Jeffrey Utterback

A huge thanks to everyone for such a successful Championship Meet!

A very special thanks to all that help run the meet!! Without all that stepped up to help, we could have never had this meet, let alone such a successful one.

We asked, last minute, for additional help... we were overwhelmed with the response and had plenty of help because of this. To those of you that offered help, with this last minute appeal, and didn't end up helping... your offer is greatly appreciated and just as important as any that did help! We have always stated that this was a meet where all helped to run it and that was very eveident yesterday with the variety pf teams that had people step up to help.

I am currently finalizing the result.  We use a camera to video the finishes and then use that to "Place" each event. There will be events that are placed by this method, over placing them by time, as the "photo finish" overrules the times. These placing will be marked with "Judges Decision" (JD column). I hope to get the finalized results to you yet this afternoon.

If you have questions, please have your coach or team contact present them to us.

thanks ~~ Jeffrey

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