2018 Arapahoe Meet

Welcome the the Arapahoe Swim Meet - hosted by the Blue Dolphin Swim Club (BDSC - p.s. we had that moniker before UNL started using it for the Bob Devany Sports Center!) We will be starting the meet a 9 a.m. and hope to be done before 1 p.m.


06/16/2018 at 12:00 AM


The Arapahoe swim meet will start at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 16th. Warm-ups will begin at 8:30 - Coaches shall report to the bath house office by 8 a.m. for the Scratch and Add.

The Blue Dolphin Swim Club will have a concession stand with: breakfast burritos, baked goods and water.

We will, of course, need Stroke Judges from each team. We will likely need help with timing.


When coming to Arapahoe, whether on 283 or 6 & 34, when you get to the junction of those two highways: go two (or three) blocks South, then half a block West and you will see the park/pool. Most park around the park, to the West of the pool.

Our park follows state law and does not allow smoking in the city park or around the pool. The area is posted as such.

You are welcome to set up tents or team areas throughtout the pool area and the park. We have a lot of beautiful shade trees throughtout the area and they provide a lot of shade.

Pool Address

532 Nebraska Avenue, then half a block West